About Becky

I have always been passionate about photography.  My first camera was a gift from my Mom when I was in 10th grade – a Pentax K1000 – and I've been seeing the world through a different lens since then.  I absolutely love being out in nature and landscapes are one of my favorite ways to use my photography.  My design degree has helped me to refine my "eye" and always capture the very best image.  We all are hyper-critical of ourselves, so I work with my clients to help them feel comfortable. Together we will create images that feel genuine and are also something that you will enjoy looking at for years to come.  Design and architecture are passions of mine, and get my "fix" by photographing architectural projects and real estate.


Let me help you tell a beautiful story through portrait.  You bring the story, and I'll record it for you (via photos) in a way that when the two come together, it's magic.


Those that know me, know that I live to serve and part of my wanting to give back is a special pro-bono service that I offer to individuals and families suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Please reach out if you or someone you know is faced with this currently, as I'd love to gift my time and skills to bring lasting memories to those that realize that none of us have forever.


I have loved photography since high school, when I was one of my high school photographers.  I dabbled in it for years, and when cameras went from film to digital, I quickly dove in and learned how to use these incredible tools along with my computer photo editing and fine art skills.  I am continuing to educate myself in fine art photography to create magical memories and photos for you!  I am a true believer that the truly educated never graduate.

A little bit more about me...Things I love

Children and Pets

I love children and animals.  I have two (grown) children and they are the light of my life.  I am so thankful for the photos that I have of them.  I am naturally drawn to the beautiful pure nature of children.  I can't help but want to photograph children just being children - not posed, not confined, just being who they were placed on this earth to be! 


Culinary Arts

My parents had a restaurant in Colorado when I was young, and so I've always had a fascination for cooking.  My favorite part is not only the cooking, but the feeding of friends and family.  Even better, is when we all cook a meal together. My favorite foods?  Burritos, shrimp, avocados and watermelon! 


The Ocean

I love the ocean.  I go to the seashore as often as possible, and especially love to capture sunsets when the waves are high and crashing on the rocks. Asilomar State Beach is my favorite place to catch the sunset, and the seascape seems to change every time I'm there. There is so much peace by the ocean, and it's a great place to think!

asilomar october sunset.jpg


I love to travel.  I've been to Europe and Japan and many U.S. states, but there are so many more places on my bucket list!  I want to visit Machu Picchu in Peru, explore the fjords and see the Northern Lights in Norway, take a transcontinental train ride across Canada to see the Canadian Rockies, and that's just the top of my bucket list! 

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