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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

I have a little secret, but you can't tell anyone. Do you promise? Pinky-swear? OK... here it is. I love photography so much, that I'd do it for free for my clients. However, that doesn't pay the bills, so thankfully, my more practical side takes precedence.

One Step Closer 2018 Fundraiser

However, once in awhile I'll photograph events or people for free, because they are good friends, or it's an amazing event with amazing people, or, as in the case of last Saturday night, it's for a really good cause.

Mark and Landa Keirstead of One Step Closer

One Step Closer Therapeutic Riding in Morgan Hill, run by Mark and Landa Keirstead, is one of those good causes. As their website states, "One Step Closer offers adaptive horseback riding and equine-assisted-therapy to individuals with disabilities, and to U.S. Military Veterans." But, if you get to know Mark and Landa, you quickly realize that they are the kind of people that just want to give back too. They give back to those in need and thank God for their service for those that need it.

Silent Auction Table at the One Step Closer 2018 Fundraiser

At the event last Saturday, families and individuals got up and spoke about how One Step Closer has brought them back from the brink of destruction, back to a life that they deem worth living again. These stories truly strike at the heart of one's soul, and makes you realize that it's businesses like this, and people, like Mark and Landa, that are the true heroes in our communities. They are the ones that help to pick up the broken pieces that each of us find ourselves in at one point or another, and help stitch us back together, with a little help from their beautiful animals.

Country Cougars Band at One Step Closer 2018 Fundraiser

Line Dancing at One Step Closer 2018 Fundraiser

So, I was happy to be there — to support One Step Closer. Offering my photography services is my way of bringing a little grace into my life. And that secret, my friends, you can spill, gladly.

For more information about One Step Closer Therapeutic Riding, please visit them at One Step Closer.

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